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Couple and Family Therapy

Our therapists can help you and your partner resolve conflicts, enhance communication, and foster a healthier relationship.


We approach couples and family therapy with a profound respect for relationships' power as containers for healing and growth. Relationships can often mirror back to us our unresolved wounds and vulnerabilities, sometimes making for challenging dynamics. However, with the proper guidance, these challenges can transform into valuable opportunities for self-understanding and deeper connections with our partner and loved ones. As a departure from individual therapy, couple and family therapy emphasizes the systemic nature of relationships, recognizing that each person's actions and emotional responses influence and are influenced by others in the system.

To assist individuals in navigating the complexities of relationships, we use modalities like Internal Family Systems (IFS). This approach helps individuals understand their internal dialogue, bringing awareness to the different 'parts' of themselves that interact within their psyche. Recognizing that partners or family members may have similar internal dynamics expressed in other "languages" can foster mutual understanding and compassion.


Simultaneously, we place a strong focus on attachment, guiding couples and families in building secure-attachments that provide a sense of safety and belonging. The lack of a secure base can influence partners who may "lean out" or "lean in", causing a challenging "cat and mouse game."

Families can be complex, particularly in blended families formed through adoptions, second marriages, and other life transitions. In these instances, therapy can provide crucial support in navigating the unique challenges and nurturing healthy, fulfilling relationships among all family members. We use models such as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to identify and address patterns in conflict. Often, the narratives and cycles triggered during conflict are more profound than the immediate issues. By bringing these underlying narratives to light and addressing them directly, we can help couples and families break free from harmful cycles and cultivate healthier ways of relating.

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