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Ketamine-assisted Package

Ketamine, an innovative treatment for various mental health disorders, has shown promise in numerous studies. However, research consistently reveals that ketamine without concurrent psychotherapy often delivers temporary relief without addressing deeper issues or ensuring long-term progress.

The Power of Integration

Our Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy package aims to harness the full potential of ketamine by combining it with dedicated psychotherapeutic support. We aim to create an experience of lasting change that persist well beyond the therapy room.

Why Combine Ketamine and Psychotherapy?

When ketamine sessions are integrated with psychotherapy, clients often experience:

  • Deeper insights into personal challenges.

  • Enhanced processing of past traumas or distressing experiences.

  • A more profound connection to the therapeutic process.

  • Sustainable improvements in mental well-being.

All sessions are designed to be safe, supportive, and catered to your unique needs. Our therapists and medical professional partners are trained extensively in their respective fields, ensuring you receive the best care possible.

Session Details

Intake Session

We do this once

An intake session for Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a preliminary meeting between the client and therapist to assess the individual's needs, history, and readiness for the therapy. It provides an opportunity to establish trust, set expectations and intentions, and ensure that KAP is a suitable and safe therapeutic choice for the client.

Medical Screening

We do this once

The medical screening for Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) involves a thorough evaluation by our medical provider to determine a client's physical suitability for ketamine treatment. This essential step ensures the safety of the client by assessing overall health, potential contraindications, and the appropriate dosage for the sessions. This is where the prescription occurs. Who isn't a good candidate?

Ketamine Session

We do this three times.

The ketamine experience in KAP is a deeply immersive session where clients are administered ketamine under the close supervision with a trained therapist. During these sessions, individuals often encounter profound states of consciousness, potentially leading to insights, emotional release, and shifts in perspective.

Integration Session

We do this three times, after each ketamine session.

Integration sessions in KAP are dedicated to helping clients process, understand, and apply the insights gained during the ketamine experience. These sessions provide a space for reflection, guided discussion, and the development of strategies to incorporate newfound understandings into daily life, ensuring lasting benefits from the therapy.

Package Breakout
Regular Cost
Duration (min)
Intake Session
We do this first, once.
Medical Screening
Once. This fee is separate from the package and billed direct.
Ketamine Session
We do this 3 times
Integration Session
We do this 3 times after each ketamine session.

We start with an intake session where you'll meet your therapist to discuss your needs and establish compatibility. Next, you will schedule with our medical provider for medical screening and prescription. The medical screening session is $260 for most patients and less expensive if you have received ketamine previously. Then we do THREE 2-hour ketamine sessions, where you'll be immersed in a therapeutic environment with your therapist by your side throughout, guiding and supporting you. To maximize the benefits and insights from each ketamine session, we will schedule a 50-minute integration session, typically the day after each ketamine experience. These three integrative sessions are vital for reflection, processing, and consolidating your experiences.

Package $1,525

Excluding the medical screening, which is paid directly to our medical provider, the individual sessions amount to $1,675. Opting for our package provides these sessions at a discounted rate of $1,525, ensuring affordability and optimal results. This package comprises four 50-minute therapy sessions and three 2-hour ketamine sessions, all overseen by a licensed and ketamine-certified psychotherapist. It's important to note that the medical screening is mandatory and isn't covered in the package, but choosing this package saves you $150, and gets you the best results.


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