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Sex Therapy

Our therapists provide a comfortable environment where you can discuss and address sexual concerns, improve intimacy, and strengthen your relationships.


We understand the integral role that sexual health plays in overall well-being. Our specialization in Sex Therapy promotes durable results and are designed to address various sexual concerns. Whether clients experience erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, pain during sex, or desire imbalances in relationships, our therapists provide expert guidance and support. We appreciate that these issues often coexist with other mental health challenges, and we approach each case with a holistic understanding of this complex interplay.

Sex Therapy also provides a safe and supportive environment for exploring diverse relationship structures, such as consensual non-monogamy. We assist in negotiating healthy sexual boundaries and offer therapeutic support for working through past sexual traumas. We acknowledge that these experiences can profoundly impact one's current sexual life and relationships, and we're here to facilitate healing and growth.

The influences of cultural, religious, and familial contexts on our sexual perspectives are carefully considered in our therapeutic process. We aim to help clients navigate these influences and develop a healthier, self-affirming relationship with their sexuality. This includes affirming and supporting the diversity of sexual attitudes and orientations, including those within the LGBTQ+ community.

Our comprehensive approach to Sex Therapy often involves collaboration with medical providers and pelvic floor specialists, ensuring all aspects of sexual health are addressed. We recognize that relational injuries can profoundly impact sexual intimacy, and we guide individuals and couples through resolving these issues. With our team's expertise and commitment, we strive to foster meaningful changes in our clients' sexual well-being and relationship satisfaction.

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